Life Coaching, Consulting, and Hypnotherapy

Here at The American Center For Self-Development, our main focus is to help you to achieve your goals.  Our clients come from diverse cultures and have a wide range of issues.   Our focus is mainly on elementary, middle, high school, and college students.  We also welcome adults. 

Parents, help your child to move from this        Grumpy and unhappy.

To one who is happy and anxious to learn.  

Does your child's grades look like this?  I'm quite sure you would like to see excellent grades and the biggest smiles on your child's face - feelings of accomplishment.   You will see the difference after the first session.  As parents we all want our kids to graduate from high school, college or apprenticeship and move on with their lives.  If you have any questions please contact us at

We conduct  Individual and Group Therapy.   Our clients work in a safe and confidential environment.                  

Some of the issues we deal with are listed below:-   

Anger Management                                               Procrastination

Addictions - Food, Sex, Drugs                               

Abuse - Physical and Mental                                 Stress Reduction

Anxiety - Test, moving (relocation), Sports           Organization

Assertiveness                                                           Study Skills

Body Image                                                             Time Management

Building Self-Esteem                                              Sports Anxiety

Building Self-Confidence                                       Forgiveness of Self & Others

Control Issues                                                         Organization Skills

Dealing with Death                                                 Career Issues

Dealing with Divorce                                               Road To High School

Dealing with Changes                                              Road To College

Depression                                                               Friendship Issues

                                                                                  Spiritual Growth

Fears - Failure, Rejection, Success                        Decision Making    

If you do not see your issue above just give me a call.  I'm sure I can help.

Prices start at $150.00 per session.    

One session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Usually done in the convenience of your home or via Zoom 

Note:  Hypnotherapy is only done on request.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or to make an appointment.


Contact Us

If you have a question, we would love to help you. Due to the high number of inquiries we receive each day, we would appreciate if you could email us before calling directly.

We attempt to answer emails the same day when they come in before 12 p.m. EST - if not, they are answered the next day.

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